The Mercedes-Benz online Classic Parts Search


Information: 22 August 2017

The Mercedes-Benz online Classic Parts Search

Mercedes-Benz Classic continually produces replacement genuine parts for classic vehicles, in order to ensure the long-term availability of a full range of such parts. In addition to parts whose available stocks have run out and require to be replenished, parts which have been unavailable for some time are also manufactured. Immense efforts are involved here, as genuine parts are parts developed by Mercedes-Benz or by order of Mercedes-Benz which are produced in accordance with the company’s exacting standards – and this applies equally to all reissues and replacement production. In many instances, Mercedes-Benz Classic still has access to the research and development resources and the experience acquired in prototype construction at the plants as well as the latest technical facilities for the purposes of producing genuine replacement parts. In the case of bought-in genuine parts, production is carried out where possible by the original production supplier, or by one of more than 150 certified suppliers. This guarantees one hundred percent authenticity, quality and safety for the reissue.

Some 50,000 genuine parts are currently available for classic vehicles. To render the availability of these genuine parts transparent to all interested customers, the online Classic Parts Search has been established as a swift and simple means of presenting the availability of parts with their valid prices in Germany, promotion parts and newly produced parts in a clearly arranged manner.

There are various means of selecting parts. When the part number is known, the user can discover immediately whether the price is available and at what price, by entering the number directly in the “Part number” selection field. It is equally possible to select parts via the “Model series”, “Engine series” or “Transmission” selection lists. Radio buttons for “newly produced parts” or “promotion parts” can additionally be set to filter the search. Information fields provide clarification where necessary.

Without a part number, however, a correct part for a vehicle can only be found when the equipment variants and the vehicle’s specific data can be defined by reference to the vehicle identification number. Users can contact any authorised Mercedes- Benz service partner for this purpose or obtain the correct part number via the link to EPC-Online on the homepage. EPC-Online offers an electronic parts catalogue with exploded views of parts and establishes the valid part number by reference to the complete vehicle identification number. Prices and availability of the parts are not shown, however.

In addition to available parts, the online database also specifies parts which are no longer produced by Mercedes-Benz Classic, so as to notify users that they will have to resort to other means of obtaining such parts, such as repair measures or searching on the free market.

Once the required part has been found it can be added to a shopping list, which the user can either print out or send to their own email address for subsequent ordering from any authorised Mercedes-Benz service partner. The Group’s own sales and logistics network guarantees the swift supply of a comprehensive scope of parts worldwide. A direct link is provided to the dealer search facility.

In cases where the system is unable to find a certain part, it is worth submitting an inquiry to a Mercedes-Benz service partner, as an addition 30,000 parts are so- called common parts, i.e. parts which are currently still installed in running vehicles and are thus not yet included in the Classic Parts Search.

The online Classic Parts Search is updated every month – so it is always worth taking a look: