At the 2018 Gala evening, it was my pleasure to announce another highlight in the history of the Club, and the history of the Benz Lens – and that is the 1st Benz Lens Annual of 2017.  
I thank Stephen Kaalsen for doing a sterling job, and for making the Benz Lens Annual 2017 the highly anticipated, quality publication that it is. 
I do hope you will enjoy it just as much as I have – and that you will cherish it as much as I do.


Stephen Kaalsen receiving 1st copy from President,                   Stephen Kaalsen handing over 1st copies to past Presidents: 
Waldo Scribante                                                                           Steve Rademeyer, Dirk van der Westhuizen and Graham van Heerden

The Benz Lens Annual 2017 is available to all members through their regional chairman!