Concessional S Licencing


Think very carefully before you decide to register your vehicle under an S-Licence. Remember, you CANNOT use it for any other purpose than attending club related events. If you use it for everyday travel and have simply registered under an S-Licence to save on the cost of the annual licencing fees and you should have an accident, you will be in big trouble. Firstly your insurance won’t pay out and secondly you could be facing criminal charges. However, if you do decide to go this route, then please take note of the following.

Some registering authorities are not correctly informed on the requirements relating to the granting of Special licences; – the so called ‘S’ licences. This is currently being addressed, but in the interim, for those members intending such registration for an eligible vehicle, the following pertinent, (but not strictly verbatim), extracts from the current Road Traffic Regulations, will be useful:

Regulation 138, Certificate of roadworthiness required in certain circumstances.  

Sub-regulation (1) states that, subject to sub-regulation (2) a registering authority shall not issue a licence disc in respect of a used motor vehicle of which the owner has changed, unless such motor vehicle is certified to be roadworthy.

Sub-regulation (2) states that the above sub-regulation (1) shall not apply in respect of a motor vehicle referred to regulation 21 (1).

Regulation 21, Special classification of motor vehicle in relation to motor vehicle licence fees.

Sub-regulation (1) (e) states that the owner of a motor vehicle which is a vintage vehicle and which is used solely-

(I) in any race or sport referred to in regulation 317;
(II) in any event organised by a properly constituted motor club;
(III) exhibition purposes; may apply to the MEC concerned for special classification of the vehicle concerned with  respect to motor vehicle licence fees by, at his or her appropriate registering authority, making a declaration on form ELFI to the effect that the vehicle is as contemplated in paragraph (e) accompanied by:
(I) the acceptable identification of the owner; and
(II) additional information or documents required by the MEC concerned.


1. By definition in the National Road Traffic Regulations, “vintage vehicle” is defined as: any motor vehicle manufactured on or before 31 December 1965.  
2. Accompanying documentation must include:
2.1 A letter from the club president, quoting your ID. Number, and confirming that you are a bona fide paid-up member.
2.2 A copy of a SAVVA dating certificate for the specific vehicle, failing which, a letter from the club’s president confirming that the vehicle is eligible.
2.3 A letter signed by you the owner, stating that you understand and acknowledge that the conditions under which the ‘S’ licence application will be granted as stated in Regulation 21 (1) (e), will be complied with.